Released February 3, 2015
From The Album Reflection
Recorded 2014
Length 3:08
Written By

Jacob Kasher
Julian Bunetta
Victoria McCants

Production By

Julian Bunetta
Victoria Monet

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Reflection is a song by Fifth Harmony included in their first studio album, which debuted on February 3, 2015. They performed it on Live on Tour.


"It is about a girl explaining to a guy about how fine he is, but later on she says sike I'm talking about my reflection." as Dinah Jane Hansen described it.

Critical Response

"The album's title track is based around a genius bait-and-switch, as Fifth Harmony coos sensual compliments ("Where you from? Must be heaven," "Think I'm in love, 'cause you so sexy"), but flips the script to reveal that the words are intended for themselves, not their male admirers. "Reflection" strives to capture that Beyonce-approved brand of brassiness and mostly hits its mark, especially on the trap-happy chorus." according to Jason Liphutz of Billboard.

Here’s hoping the album’s title track makes it to the radio in the future. A strong blend of sassy and snappy lyrics, it feels original and it doesn’t feel overdone or lackluster. It doesn’t need any bells and whistles because it satisfies with the simple, slick rhythm and sultry vocals." according to Rebecca Mattina of andPOP.

"I’ve been waiting for a studio version of “Reflection” since watching concert footage of the track. The polished, finished product sounds great, and I love hearing the confidence that is dripping off of this track. From Dinah starting it off, seemingly gassing up some guy with some vine references, “Cause ooh you be killing’ ’em just like little Terio,” to Camila complimenting his selfie game, “Don’t need no filters on pictures before you post ’em on the gram / shut down the internet / they don’t even understand,” you think you know where this song is going. Well, until Normani deflates the poor guy’s ego in the chorus. The song distribution on this track is perfect, and it’s a good overall representation of the group." according to Marcel Jeremiah of PPcorn.

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