This is a list of performances of Fifth Harmony in the Live Shows of The X Factor:

Live Show #1Edit

Live show 1
Live show 2
  • Survival Song: "Skyscraper"
  • Result: Saved
  • Rank: N/A

Live Show #2Edit

Live show 3

Live Show #3Edit

Live shoe 4
  • Song Choice: "Hero"
  • Result: Saved
  • Rank: 6th Place

Live Show #4Edit

Live show 5

Live Show #5Edit

Live show 6

Live Show #6Edit

Live show 7
Live show 8
Live show 9

Live Show #7Edit

Anything could happen
  • Song Choice #2: "Impossible"
  • Result: Saved
  • Rank: Not shown

Live Show #8Edit


Note: The finalists were asked to perform what they found as their best performance of the season.

Let it be
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Live Performances

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