Lauren Jauregui has two siblings, Chris and Taylor Jauregui. Their mother is Clara Morgado, and their father is Mike Jauregui.

Clara JáureguiEdit

Clara Jáuregui
Family Member
Family To Mike, Lauren, Chris & Taylor Jauregui
Relation Wife & Mom

Clara Jáuregui (born: Clara Morgado; August 6, 1970) is Mike's wife and Lauren, Chris & Taylor's mom.


Mike JáureguiEdit

Mike Jáuregui
Family Member
Family To Clara, Lauren, Chris & Taylor Jauregui
Relation Husband & Dad

Michael "Mike" Jáuregui (born April 24, 1965) is Clara's husband and Lauren, Chris & Taylor's dad.

Mike is seen during Lauren's audition, he is one of the most important things to her. He seems to be interactive with the Harmonizers on Twitter.  Harmonizers gave him the alias Papa J. He said on Twitter that Lauren's favorite Disney Movie is Little Mermaid. He also said that his favorite character from Winnie The Pooh was Tigger.


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Chris JaureguiEdit

Chris Jauregui
Family Member
Family To Mike, Clara, Lauren & Taylor Jauregui
Relation Son, Little Brother & Big Brother

Christopher Michael "Chris" Jauregui (born April 9, 1998) is Clara & Mike's son, Lauren's little brother & Taylor's big brother. He's seen during her audition.


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Taylor JaureguiEdit

Taylor Jauregui
Family Member
Family To Clara, Mike, Lauren & Chris Jauregui
Relation Daughter & Little Sister

Taylor Nicole Jauregui (born January 5, 2001) is Clara & Mike's daughter and Lauren & Chris' little sister. Lauren & Taylor are so close, Taylor calls Lauren her best friend.


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