This is a list of facts about Lauren Jauregui.

  • Lauren's full Hispanic name is Lauren Michelle Jauregui Morgado.
  • Lauren is allergic to a number of perfumes in stores
  • She is 24 years old, born on June 27, 1996.
  • She loves to read and learn and wants to go to college at some point.
  • She can draw/paint.
  • She loves arroz con leche (rice pudding).
  • Her favorite Spanish words are lagrimas, arco irs, and mi amor.
  • She's Cuban-American.
  • She played softball in school.
  • She is 5'4.
  • She has a phobia of open doors and strangulation.
  • She's ticklish on her feet and belly.
  • Lauren's favorite Pretty Little Liars character was Aria and her favorite ship was Ezria.
  • She always wears a ring that her grandmother gave her when she's on stage.
  • Lauren's shoe size is 8.
  • Her favorite Disney princess is Mulan.
  • The sarcastic, silly and strange phrases make her laugh.
  • If she wasn't a singer, she would like to be a doctor, writer, or a lawyer.
  • She likes the bands Alt-J, Mumford And Sons, Paramore and The 1975
  • She's Mezzo-Soprano.
  • Her first word was "Nene" [1]
  • It was her idea for Fifth Harmony to sing Anything Could Happen on The X Factor.
  • She can play the piano. [2]
  • She prefers flowers to chocolate.
  • She is a coin collector. 
  • Her favorite TV shows are American Horror Story and Games of Thrones. 
  • Her favorite PopTart flavor is S'mores
  • Her favorite cartoon shows are Adventure Time, American Dad, and Family Guy.
  • Her favorite movie franchises are Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.
  • She loves science fiction films.
  • She cried when she first heard the "We should all be feminists" speech in Beyoncé's song "Flawless."
  • She hates socks.
  • Her tattoos include a dragonfly on the back of her neck, a tattoo of 27 in Roman Numerals, her deceased grandmother’s name 'Angelica' on her arm, a bee tattoo on her wrist, 6 6 18 on her arm and "I am that I am" down her spine.
  • She has a nose piercing.
  • Lauren came out as a bisexual in December 2016.
  • Lauren has a dog named Cleo.
  • Lauren has collaborated on the singles “Back To Me” by Marian Hill, “Strangers” by Halsey, and “All Night” by Steve Aoki. Her solo singles are "Expectations", "More Than That", “Lento” and “50ft”.
  • She attended school at the Carrollton School of The Sacred Heart, which is a Catholic private college preparatory school for girls.
  • She drives a Tesla.
  • She has two siblings.
  • Her favourite Lion King character is Nala.
  • She has green eyes.
  • Her favourite celour is blue.


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