LYLAS was the original name of Fifth Harmony. It was changed due to another group consisting of Bruno Mars' sisters having the name and claiming that Fifth Harmony copied their name. After this it was changed to 1432.


The girls got into a dispute with a group consisting of Bruno Mars' four sisters, called "The Lylas", who claimed that the girls stole their group name. This resulted in Ally, Lauren, Camila, Normani, and Dinah (the members of Fifth Harmony) to change their group name to something else.


  • LYLAS means Love You Like a Sister.
  • The only performance that they did with this name was Impossible in Judges Houses.
  • Harmonizers were know as LYLAtics.
  • This group was originally created on July 27th, 2012.
  • The group changed their name because of another band named The Lylas.
  • The group's name changed three times. It was first LYLAS, then 1432, then finally Fifth Harmony.
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