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Categories are a way to find specific pages. We ask that you don't add unneccasary categories. The girls have their own categories, but they may only be used for pairings, family, etc.

Categories You May Add

This is a list of categories we use.

Albums - Very rarely used; For any of the studio albums. Not For Extended Plays.

Ally Brooke - For anything pertaining to Ally.

Articles without  images - You can add this category to any page that does not have any image.

Artists - In this category are included the singers related to Ally, Camila, Dinah, Lauren and Normani.

Band Names - Here are included the past names utilized by the girls before Fifth Harmony.

Bands - For any band related to Fifth Harmony.

British - For anything British-related..

Band Members - Please don't use this category, as it is only meant for the five girls.

Camila Cabello - For anything pertaining to Camila.

Dinah Jane Hansen - For anything pertaining to Dinah.

Discography - Here are included all the albums by the girls.

Early Songs - For songs performed before The X-Factor & Formation.

Extended Plays - Used on any extended plays the girls make.

Females - Used only for the pages where a girl or a female is incuided.

Family - The family category goes for any member of any of the girl's families.

Friends - If there are any people involved with Fifth Harmony, they recieve the friends category.

Galleries - For gallery pages.

Harmonizers - For anything pertaining to the Fifth Harmony fan base.

Influences - Any of Fifth Harmony's influences.

Interviews - For any interviews that the girls do, or shows that interviewed them.

Lauren Jauregui - For anything pertaining to Lauren.

Normani Hamilton - For anything pertaining to Normani.

Original Songs - Songs made by Fifth Harmony.

Singles - For any of the singles released.

Songs - For any song that 5H either performs as a cover or is their own.

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