• Pasasadaba rozelle

    fifth harmony

    February 17, 2018 by Pasasadaba rozelle
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  • Jaca Faca


    February 3, 2018 by Jaca Faca

    I miss the old Fifth Harmony:(:(

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  • Jasmine clancy
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  • Ajchhh 12

    Work from home

    February 26, 2016 by Ajchhh 12
    1. So I used to love fifth harmony but then I saw boss, worth it and work from home then I thought sweet fifth harmony to PROSTITUDED  HARMONY. Don't get me wrong I love them but them shaking they booty ain't "sexy" I'm a girl yeah they pretty but foreal I don't think so. I'm OK now I know every sweet celeb has a really bad side!!!☺
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  • Brandon10002
    • Ally Brooke Hernandez as herself: The youngest member of the band. One thing that differs about her is that she is only 4 feet 10. Ally is considered as a greecer and really loves things involving motorsports and racing. Her favorite race car driver is Danica Patrick. She is of Mexican and Indian descent. 
    • Normani Kordei Hamilton as herself: The second oldest member of the band. As the band's only fully black member, she takes her race seriously and won't take snotty remarks about her heritage. She looks up to people like Maya Angelo and Harriet Tubman. She is of Ugandan and Nigerian descent. 
    • Lauren Jauregui as herself: The middle child member of Fifth Harmony. She is the total jock of the five and likes sports such as tennis and volleyball…
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  • Capricorn Godesses

    So... Camren

    November 13, 2015 by Capricorn Godesses

    So We all now how every other person in Fifth Harmony Nation Thinks that Camila and Lauren are in a secret relationship... But we all know that it's not true, as much as I love them as people you can't go around making assumptions about people. I use to think the same thing but you can't have that type of mindset, I get it that they use to hold hands and kiss eachothers cheecks but me And my friends fo the same thing so that doesn't make us a couple instantly. Please don't hate me if you read this and you don't like it then please don't comment.- Capricorn_Goddeses

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  • Im camila fan 546123

    lyric boss

    October 20, 2015 by Im camila fan 546123
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  • Imaryderfan

    Camila is bae

    September 30, 2015 by Imaryderfan

    Camila is bae am I right?

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  • Alahna whitner14


    August 2, 2015 by Alahna whitner14

    i love fifth harmony and r5 and bea miller basically a lot r&b music and pop music i'm so proud of them for their song worth it going platnium and that their music is growing very fast and changing love theirmsuci so so much happy three aniversary bye XOXO

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  • MagicMajorette04

    Dance Moms

    July 8, 2015 by MagicMajorette04

    I've been watching this show called Dance Moms. It's in my wikia who I've contributed to. I love this show. I've watched it from season 1, so I'm a huge fan. My favorite girls are listed in order:

    1. Nia Frazier

    2. Mackenzie Ziegler

    3.Maddie Ziegler

    4. Jojo Siwa

    5. Kalani Hiliker

    6. Kendall Vertes

    So the one I loved the most is Nia because she doesn't get that many opportunities, but she stepped up and released a new song called "Star in your own life". It's really catchy and tells the truth saying you shouldn't be afraid to express yourself to anyone and don't be afraid to show it, and to not let anyone else control you, ur ORIGINAL!!!!!! Huge shout out to Nia! Next is Mackenzie Ziegler. She's the first person to ever do her own music video. It'…

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  • MagicMajorette04

    Okay. Heya Harmonizers! I started playing this game online called 5minutemysteries. It's really fun and challenging and fun. Plus if you make an account, you van unlock a whole bunch more and earn points. I wonder if Camila plays mystery games on the internet? Anyways, check it out for me and leave a message on my page letting me know if it's fun or nah. New movies this year are Inside Out, Minions, Perfect High, and for all the Jessie fans, a new show with them on it called Bunk'd. Can't wait to see it! See u latr, stay cool, and listen to Fifth Harmony. Peace! P.S. At the end of all my blog posts, I'll leave a fifth harmony pic. Starting now! ]

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  • MagicMajorette04

    Hello! Alexis Cymphonique here! I'm a triple threat, wel actually more than a triple threat! I love my family, singing, dancing, going to exciting places, eating sweets, exercising, school, babysitting, doing hair, reading, listening to music, and watching tv! I enjoy new things and trying new things! I'm all about "Out with the old, in with new!", except when it comes to family. Friends are also included in family. My bff Krislyn Jones, friends Destiny Alexander, Diamond Sankey, Tierra Mosley, Kenyatta Minniefield. My cousins Amiyah Austin, Aleah Bell, Tanaisha Cook, Cimiyah Smith, Christopher Smith, Cameron Smith, Jalyn Garner, Aja Wooldridge, Jonay Oliver, Demarco Oliver, Asia Oliver, and many more family members!

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  • Asnow89

    UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who submitted entries! Click HERE to vote from the top looks!

    Hey there!

    All of our favorite pop stars are going on tour this year...and since they are all such fabulous fashionistas, we thought it would be fun for YOU to create an on-stage look for them. This month on Closet Confidential, we want you to make over one of the ladies from Fifth Harmony, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and/or Ariana Grande.

    Create a look for the artist of your choice (or for ALL of the artists!).

    Have fun with it!

    Here's how to Enter:

    1. You must be a registered user logged in to Wikia. Create an account here!
    Note: You MUST leave a logged in comment to win.
    2. Assemble an on-stage outfit or outfits for one of the pop queens of your choice.
    3. Choo…

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  • GalaxyAmazonX


    April 19, 2015 by GalaxyAmazonX

    So I'm currently writing a fanfiction. I want everyone to have a chance to read it and take on their own opinion. Comment down below on what you think.


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  • Brandon10002

    The Fifth Harmony Show

    October 22, 2014 by Brandon10002

    Hello! My name is Brandon and I am a big fan of Fifth Harmony. As you don't know, I was hoping that Fifth Harmony would one day have their own show. But for right now, all we can do is dream, I guess. Meanwhile, I have been writing stories about them and I want to share them with YouTube.

    This fanfic series is called, The 5H Show. It basically centers around the girls of Fifth Harmony and their lives. Now I initially planned to make it so it would center around their wealth. However, this fanfic portrays them as normal girls that pretty much go through anything that teenage girls go through in real life such as love delimas, bullying, depression, and even popularity. Their band may sometimes tour places around the state where they all live i…

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  • Duke Of Stockport

    Yet after a record breaking 2014/15 season with 132 out of a possible 138 points, Stockport County have done exactly that. Manager Duke of Stockport dropped a bombshell on the fans as the popular Brazilian Rafael Crivellaro moved to Milton Keynes Dons for just $85,000. Despite starting on the bench for many of his 66 games, Crivellaro never complained, scoring 20 goals and assisted another 27. Irishman David O’ Leary soon followed him to the exit for just $40,000.


    The two departures were seen as a borderline letdown as they were very versatile. Rafael could play all midfield roles apart from defensive midfield, while O’ Leary was capable playing in the centre and on the right, most effectively in a defensive/midfield role. Taking a hint, d…

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  • CamrenIsDaShiznyee


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  • Fotsdefamosos

    Unay Swift

    February 3, 2014 by Fotsdefamosos

    Unay Swift

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  • Tongangirl34

    Calling all my girls theres an sos tonight lets have some fun yaeh, one hundred percent every single day somehow these days are gone yaeh.........hekka luv this song.

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  • Stephanie7XD

    heyyyyyy guys i just wanted to know your favorite fifth harmony song, so you could just comment below (:

    thank u 

    byeeeeeeeeee XD

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  • Kholdkashswerve


    November 3, 2013 by Kholdkashswerve

    I think that fifth harmony should be on tour with one direction.

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  • Ethanb98

    Can't wait XD

    October 16, 2013 by Ethanb98

    Just listen to the previews of the better together album so excited for next week to buy it :D

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  • Junatina

    Hi! I'm new!

    October 11, 2013 by Junatina

    Hi I'm new!

    And I love Fifth harmony and this wiki.

    I may not be very active here because I have lots of wikis to edit but I can come daily just to look around and I will try to edit here as much as I can.

    You can find out more about me here!

    And if you would like any Userboxes made just ask me because I know how to make quite excellent Userboxes.

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  • BeCkOlIvEr

    I have a question, does anyone know if the chorus to Me and My Girls was in a commercial? Cause I swear I remember hearing it in one. I don't remember what commercial it was, but it wasn't too long ago...

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  • BeCkOlIvEr

    My absolute favorite song by Fifth Harmony is Tellin' Me. I really hope that is the next single for the album, cause I want it! lol Just thought I'd share that with you. :D What is your favorite song by Fifth Harmony?

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  • 5HandSMG

    Fifth Harmony is amazing !! Im a harmonizer and i've been here since their seperate auditions. Dinah's big vocal range,Normani's sweet and kind voice,Ally's soul-reaching voice, Lauren's husky strong voice and Camila's unique voice come together and make great songs and covers

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  • BatJarleyPatrickCher

    Hello! I'm so sorry I haven't been on. i've been doing a whole bunch of homework and I just had no time. Well, now that exams are over, I have much more time :D

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  • BatJarleyPatrickCher

    Attention all Dinahsaurs! Dinah's in the hospital! (I still don't know why) She's been tweeting it all day!

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  • BatJarleyPatrickCher

    On this blog, you can write why you like 5H? Because they are just epic like that? Or because Lauren is too hot for words. Write your thoughts here! :D

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  • BatJarleyPatrickCher

    If you have any ideas for the wiki, feel free to comment them here!

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  • BatJarleyPatrickCher

    Hello People! This is a very quick follow-up to LovaticHarmonizerA's blog. Enjoy these polls :)

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  • Derik859

    Need Help?

    December 31, 2012 by Derik859

    Hello there I made this blog to allow people who need help to just contact me on this blog. :) Feel free to just leave a message

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  • BatJarleyPatrickCher

    You can vote here for the next featured articles! These will become the featured articles on the home page on January 14th, 2013!

    That's it for now!

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  • BatJarleyPatrickCher


    December 8, 2012 by BatJarleyPatrickCher

    If you would like to be an admin, well you can!

    Offer expires December 31st.


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    • Participate with the community

    There are only 3 positions left.

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