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Ship name Alren
Shipped Members Ally Brooke & Lauren Jauregui
Status BFF

Alren is the name of the relationship of band members Ally Brooke and Lauren Jauregui.


  • They are both Latina.
  • Ally is the oldest member of the group, while Lauren is 3rd oldest after Normani.
  • They are both cancer in the horoscope.
  • Lauren is seen kissing Ally on the cheek or forehead very often.
  • When asked who they would switch bodies with, Lauren said Ally because Ally doesn't have to go to school anymore.
  • During Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) Lauren was holding Ally's hand. 
  • Ally was the first person on the group to send a tweet wishing a happy birthday to Lauren.
  • "To my little nugget! Even though today marks your 20th year of life (three years older than I) you’ll always be my little nugget! I love you so much Ally! Thankyou for always being your bright positive beautiful self. You’re a blessing to this world and don’t you ever forget it(: LOVE YOU BABYY! HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY!" - Lauren on Ally
  • "Girly I love you SO much!! I hope that you have such a great day today. You're an awesome person, and I'm so happy to have you as my sister! God bless you!" - Ally on Lauren
  • "#HappyBirthdayLauren YAYYY you are 18!! I love you so much, Lauren. You are so beautiful with a beautiful mind. I'm so happy and thankful for our friendship and how it has evolved over the past 2 years. It's so great seeing how you've grown. Thanks for being there for me whenever I need to talk! I know I can count on you. I hope that your birthday is truly wonderful. I'm so happy that your family and boyfriend are here for your special day ☺️☺️ I love you!! ❤️" - Ally on Lauren
  • "HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU BALL OF SUNSHINE💛 I can't believe you're 21 that's crazy. Wish I was with you to celebrate😊😭 Anyway I hope you've had a beautiful blessed day with your family and friends and that you're happy on this special day wherever you are. Thanks for making people smile short stuff💛 @allybrookeofficial" - Lauren on Ally
  • They went river rafting together along with Shawn Mendes while on the Austin Mahone Tour.
  • "HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this beautiful, fun, free spirited green-eyed girl. You are on your last year of being a teenager! WHAT! Ahhhhh. Crazy how time flies. I love your passion and admire how you speak what your heart says. I love how you laugh at the cutest things. I love how you and I can literally finish each other's sentences or thoughts (we totally have telepathy). I love how you and I are so different but so similar in ways. I love how you can be as free as a bird and a flowy flowery little princess. I just love YOU. I care about you so much and 💖 you with all of my heart. I hope you've had an amazing day with your family!! Lauren don't ever forget I am always here for you if you need anything. God bless you always and happy birthday my cute lil 19 year old!! ❤️" - Ally on Lauren
  • "Little Ally, not so little anymore cause you’re 22..what the heck..why are we growing up this is weird?!!! No but this picture I feel describes our friendship perfectly. I love laughing with you about random little things, I love being able to talk to you about anything cause you’re always so available and willing to listen to me and my little problems. I love the way your smile and laughter fill up the room all day long, that pretty smile constantly on your face and brightening up everyone’s day. Thanks for being such a lovely human being and always taking your time to make people feel loved and reminded of it. You truly have a special spirit. I love you you quirky little cutie❤️❤️ HOPE YOU HAD AN AWESOME BIRTHDAY IN VEGAS SEE YOU LATER HUNNN WOOOOOOO" - Lauren on Ally


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