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Ship name Dinally
Shipped Members Ally Brooke & Dinah Jane Hansen
Status BFF

The Ally-Dinah Relationship is a realationship between Dinah Jane and Ally Brooke they are extremely adorable and sometimes reffered to "Biggie and Smalls"


  • Ally is the oldest and the shortest, while Dinah is the youngest and the tallest.
  • Ally laughed so hard when Dinah said that their album would be called The Twerk Team.
  • When asked who they would like to switch lives with, Ally said Dinah because she would like to know how it is living with 23 people.
  • Ally laughed at Dinah when she said "uh-uh a a two" in their cover of  "They Don't Know About Us" by One Direction.
  • They are also known as 'Biggie and Smalls', Dinah as 'Biggie' and Ally as 'Smalls' due to their height.
  • "Happy Birthday to my fabulous sister @dinahjane97 !!! 😄🎈🎉 I can't believe that you're 16! Girl you the flyestttt!! You are so sweet and hilarious. I'm so blessed to know you, and to be in this whole journey with you. I love you SO much, Dinah! Hope you have the best day ever. Happy birthday 💛💛💛" - Ally on Dinah
  • "#HappyBirthdayDinah Hahah I love you girl! I cannot believe you are 17! Finally! 😜 You are so sweet and I love how you love to party and have so much fun and make us laugh. You are such a fun spirit and I love seeing you smile! Not to mention I love hearing your gorgeous voice. I hope you have such a great birthday to remember ☺️ Live it up girly! I wuv you!! #BiggieAndSmalls forever! Hahah. May God bless you always 💗 Have fun! Muahhhh!" - Ally on Dinah
  • "happy birthday to my little shawty! You hit the big 21! Which means you will be gettin Turnt up! Here's a toast to you 🍹on your special day and many many more! 💙 ps: it's a good thing I know you can't drive so you probably might catch a cab if you get a little too twisted wink wink lol jk jk I love you short stack! Mwaaaah" - Dinah on Ally
  • "I admire her affection, and how she's very affectionate. She loves people, she wants to make sure everyone's okay, like, all the time. And I love her admiration for food." - Ally on Dinah
  • "Happy birthday to the beautiful, the wonderful @dinahjane97 !!!! The last one to turn 18! Wow DJ. I can't believe it. All my girls are grown up! Dinah you are such a gorgeous woman inside and out. You have a heart of gold and I can always turn to you for a good laugh. Your insanely amazing talent shines so bright just like your smile. I love how you can turn anything into a party, whether it's the subway, TSA, or our jam-packed car. You make so many people smile (and dance 😜). Watching you transform from the timid, barely-speaking-a word Dinah to the FEROCIOUS, vivacious Dinah has been a blessing. Dj I love you so much mama and am always always here for you! Happy Birthday. I hope it is so special ❤️" - Ally on Dinah


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